damn those komaeda apologists

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have you ever been so obsessed with something that it made you angry because you physically cannot shut the fuck up about it


a feeling i experience on a daily basis



(Waitwait sorry I forgot to upload the other thingand adsh I am trying to sort of phrase myself better instead of rambling. Reposting this.)

GUYS. I am really too excited about this, I realized there were major design differences earlier but only now that I see them side by side can I kinda sorta EXPLAIN.

There is some really really interesting, cool, subliminal even- sexual dimorphism going on between the two chasis designs. Excuse my scribbly notes I just find this all so ridiculously fascinating I am way too excited and emotional about it.

If you are turned on by these robots like me… Hopefully this will explain why. I am sure of it. ValvE managed to design these really amazingly so that they hit all the right receptors in the human brain, making them more sexually appealing to human players.

GLaDoS is purposely put together in a very hourglass resembling way that’s reminiscent of a fertile woman, and Wheatley has all these neat little design feats like the tiny “arms” and his torso is much more flat and masculine looking. He looks more daunting and obnoxious body-wise than GLaDoS who is more plated and modest. GLaDoS’ arms are more together in a way, which illustrates her ladylike image… Then there’s Wheatley who’s top bit is way more open and agressive looking. It’s almost as though he’s doing a “UWANNAFITE” kind of pose, he looks more ready to attack which is true to his impatient personality. Which again, highly contrasts GLaDoS’ much more patient and controlled anger.

I just- ValvE let me kiss you and your incredible design work.

The best part is that these design features are so well integrated into the robotic context that you don’t even notice that much until you look very closely at them.

Reblogging excited design breakdowns because they’re funny and fun to read.

I tend to see GLaDOS as more ‘face down’ but the design differences are really interesting! And certainly not unintentional, knowing how meticulous Valve is about creating meaningful designs.

As someone who stares at GLaDOS’s chassis a lot while playing because reasons, I did notice that once Wheatley is in her body, it looks quite a bit different. I never actually compared them side-by-side, though, and I’d chalked a lot of the difference up to Wheatley moving differently than GLaDOS or something, but now that I see a comparison of the designs like this it’s obvious how much thought went into it. A lot of these changes are pretty subtle — the average Portal player likely wouldn’t notice — but whether or not you notice it consciously, you’re sure as hell picking up on the difference subconsciously, and that’s contributing to how you see the characters.

God I love this game. So friggin’ awesome.

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The Doctor Who theme has no words. Reblog if you sing along anyways.