damn those komaeda apologists

i miss my 12th grade senior play all of a sudden. i miss being septimus hodge

23rd April at 7:29 am

i was probably supposed to have a thesis for this paper but i don’t. but also i don’t care anymore



i can’t believe “fancy miles edgeworth teacups” is a real product that you can actually buy

Goes with the godot cafetiere and mug set.

idk if that’s a real product but i sincerely hope so holy shit

i have a blacklist page now btw

23rd April at 7:11 am

positive that this paper sucks but well past the point of caring


1st post of my blog!! Edgeworth needs more hugs!!!


1st post of my blog!! 

Edgeworth needs more hugs!!!

honestly just put miles edgeworth on everything i own. give me miles edgeworth

i can’t believe “fancy miles edgeworth teacups” is a real product that you can actually buy


You know, Ace Attorney has some really fuckin’ weird merch. Like, there’s all the normal stuff like figurines and cell straps and keychains and DS/3DS accessories and all that, but then there’s stuff like


Fancy Miles Edgeworth teacups?


A rose-scented Miles Edgeworth candle??


Grape juice Wine and a Blue Badger wine glass????


Toilet paper??????

like, people saying leosaya is abusive. sure, in the mutual killing timeline she tried to kill him, and he wound up killing her. but pre-despair? they were probably good friends. leon had musical aspirations that maizono could have helped him with, or maybe even inspired him to have in the first place. remember that in the mutual killing timeline all the students had their memories wiped. maizono thought she’d only just met leon and she saw him as an easy target, that’s all

chimondo too. chihiro and mondo were implied to be pals pre-despair. mondo killed chihiro because he lost his temper in a very high-stress situation. this one’s a little iffier because mondo does have genuine anger issues but it seems unlikely that he’d snap as drastically as he did given an environment that wasn’t ridiculously toxic and stressful

the deaths in the game become much more tragic when you consider that all these kids were friends with each other before junko wiped their memories and forced them into her mutual killing game. that’s the point. the relationships between the students weren’t inherently unhealthy or abusive. junko did that, literally you can blame junko enoshima for like 99% of everything that went wrong between these kids